Fourth Journal

28 May

This is the Fourth time in miss sloria class this meeting is explain about the communication, as usual, I was given 10 minutes to find the main idea of the language of communication, now I willgive some idea of the communication code. There are many ways of communicationwithout using words in every culture, signals, signs, symbols, and gestures are typically used as a communication tool.

Symbols are harder to describe than either signals or signs because their relationshipis complicated by cultural perceptions of the recipient. attitude like looms andhandshaking also communicate certain cultural messages.

Although the signals, signs, symbols, and gestures are very useful, they also have a weakness amajor in communication. they usually do not allow ideas to be sharedwithout the sender directly adjacent to the receiver. without the exchange of ideas,interaction comes to a halt. as a result communicatio means intended to be usedacross long distances and time must be based on the speech.

Then miss sloria told me and my friends to answer the question that is on iBooks and I responded well and was impressed with sloria miss me, miss sloria then told us to do home work.

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