Eleventh Journal

28 May

Monday 14th May

I am studying English For IT II, at its eleventh meeting, I learned about the American Family and as usual the following is a summary I made :

Nuclear family, consisting of mother, father, and their children, may be more ideal than the reality of America America. Recent government statistics census revealed that only about one-third of all American families in accordance with the current traditional mold of the two parents and their children, and another third consists of married couples who either do not have children or do not have still living at home.

There are several reasons for the increasing number of easily identifiable single-parent households. First, the sociological phenomenon of single parent households reflect changing cultural attitudes to divorce and to unmarried mothers. In addition, the number of children born to unmarried women who choose to keep their children and raise them alone has increased dramatically.

In addition, because many families live far from relatives, close friends have become a more important part of family life than ever before. Most Americans claim that they have people in their lives that they consider to be a family even though they are not related. Views of families who received only traditional nuclear arrangement not only ignores the reality of modern American family life, but also undervalues family ties made in alternative family arrangements.

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