10 Mar

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

this today at monday, 05 of march alhamdulillah i can to meet my mrs. dwi teacher’s of english for it,  now i studied about second meeting comprehension the man behind the nobel prizes, so mrs dwi gave to me about main idea :

The main idea of first paragraph : the man behind the nobel prizes

the main idea of second paragraph : Describe about noble prizes categories about classification

and this study i know about new vocabularies :

invent : Menemukan

discover : Mendapati, Menemukan

philanthropist : Dermawan

bequeathed. : Mewariskan

trust : Kepercayaan, Mempercayai

vast : Luad

fortune : Peruntungan, Nasib

Erroneously : Sesat, Keliru

Accomplishments : Penyelesaian, hasil kerja, prestasi

Endowed :

so after that mrs. dwi gave me about homework ”  and download about third meeting so prepare my self to presentation in front of  and  copy about answer third meeting and paste to pages.

oke i think enough my journal.

wassalamu’alaikum wr wb.

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